SSC Underground is a specialty construction contractor with a diverse and unique fleet of vehicles and equipment that is maintained in house. 


Fleet Mechanic

SSC Underground 
Fleet Mechanic
SSC Underground is a specialty construction contractor with a diverse and unique fleet of vehicles and equipment that is maintained in house. 
SSC is seeking a full-time mechanic that can learn how to maintain and repair our fleet, while working with a shop crew and management team.  

Provide own toolbox and basic mechanic tools. 
Understand and speak fluent english
39 Month Clean Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) and AZ Drivers License. 
Dependable Transportation 
Able to Pass Drug Screening and Background Check
Welding and Fabrication is a plus but not required. 

The ideal candidate will possess problem solving and troubleshooting skills, and respect processes and procedures that are currently in place. The company is willing to train and develop the right person who can demonstrate hard work and respect. 
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Diagnose issues & perform repairs on SSC’s fleet of vehicles and equipment which includes:

Vacmaster Vacuum Excavation Trucks
Diesel & Gas Pick-Up Trucks
Flatbed Trailers
Jack & Bore/Coring Machines
Backhoes, Trackhoes, Skidsteers

Perform Routine Service and Maintenance on Fleets of Vehicles and Equipment
Assist with Record Keeping of all Repairs and Maintenance Performed. 
Make Service Calls to Job Sites
Keep Shop and Work Area Neat and Clean
Assist with Welding and Fabrication

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