Clear trenches, dig holes, perform handwork using a pick, shovel, or other hand tools.


  1. Operate a variety of hand and power tools, including drills and other tools as directed by management.
  2. Clean and prepare construction sites as needed, including erecting scaffolding, removing and properly disposing of debris and waste materials, and digging trenches.
  3. Shovel materials to and from construction areas, including asphalt and dirt.
  4. Follow all safety procedures on the job site and report violations immediately to management.
  5. Maintain a safe and clean job site by handling materials and storing them properly, picking up and removing all tools and equipment when not in use, and securing the job site on a daily basis.
  6. Load and unload construction supplies from trucks both manually and with the use of equipment.
  7. Report incidents immediately to safety director, foreman or HR in accordance with incident reporting procedures established by the company.