Since its founding in 1984, Suntec Concrete has worked to establish itself as a leader in challenging, critically timed, and technically demanding jobs in the concrete industry. Having been involved in some of the most significant projects throughout the southwest, Suntec has built its reputation over several decades on providing outstanding solutions, and the highest quality work on every project.


Safety Coordinator

Position Overview

As a Safety Coordinator, your role will encompass assisting in planning, coordinating, and advising for the Suntec safety program. You will engage with Field Workers, Site Supervisors (Foreman and Superintendents), and outside contractors to execute our overall safety strategy and goals. This role is crucial in fostering ongoing safety awareness, training, and education and will assist management in promoting a safety culture through all tiers of the organization and continuous enhancement of processes. The ability to positively influence others and inspire a safety mindset is a must.

Key Job Functions

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

  • Stand for 8-10 hours daily.
  • Frequently bend, kneel, stoop, reach, walk, stand, climb, push, pull, grip, carry, and lift up to 50 lbs. alone and safely.
  • Frequently navigate stairs.
  • Wear PPE during shift including hard hat, safety shoes, safety glasses, gloves, Hi Viz apparel, and any hazard/site specific required PPE.
  • Perform duties in inclement weather conditions.
  • Receive work instructions from onsite manager.
  • Ability to conduct duties using a tablet, computer and/or phone.
  • Travel approximately 25% of the time.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Remain current on federal, state, and local legislation and regulatory changes; maintain knowledge of current and emerging safety trends and issues.
  • Collect, investigate, and communicate all incident reports, and propose preventive measures.
  • Distribute, coordinate, and track all new and ongoing safety-related programs, certifications, and paperwork for project sites.
  • Assist in setting and achieving safety goals on assigned project site(s).
  • Prepare, submit, and maintain all safety records, ensuring that all teammates are up-to-date on training and certifications.
  • Promote positive relations with OSHA personnel, maintaining a history of citations received and final decisions, and interpreting OSHA regulations as they apply to our industry/business.
  • Communicate relevant safety information to the field regarding best practices, lessons learned, monthly updates, recent OSHA events and review of accidents.
  • Conduct regular safety analysis on job functions, activities, procedures, equipment, and materials for potential exposure to injury or illness, and recommend preventative measures.
  • Maintain and ensure all safety equipment is inspected and updated, with proper training and use of equipment.
  • Analyze incident project(s) data to identify trends in injuries, illnesses, accidents, or other hazards.
  • Perform any and all other duties as assigned by the Safety Manager and/or Safety Director.

Required Skills and Knowledge

  • 1-3 years direct construction safety experience.
  • Knowledge of safety and risk management within the construction industry and regulations relating to employee safety and accident prevention.
  • Familiarity with local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations governing construction safety.
  • Willingness to train, lead teams, motivate, and show patience when retraining is necessary.

Company Policy Compliance

  • Adhere to all company policies and procedures, as well as all local, state, and federal laws concerning employment.
  • Maintain confidentiality of company records and information at all times.
  • Present a professional image.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license, and be able to pass a physical and drug test.
  • Display strong organization and detail orientation, with proficient verbal and written communication skills.


  • First Aid/ CPR certification is preferred and required within 6 months of employment start.
  • OSHA 500 / 510 certification is beneficial and required for promotion.