The Trenchless Crew Member will assist the Crew Leader, Foreman, and Superintendent with all aspects of construction project work for the company.


Trenchless Crew Member

SSC Underground
Trenchless Crew Member
The Trenchless Crew Member will assist the Crew Leader, Foreman, and Superintendent with all aspects of construction project work for the company.
This position will report directly to the Crew Leader and Foreman, and be responsible for following directions, operating equipment, and utilizing tools to complete various construction project tasks on a customer job site. The Trenchless Crew Member will also be responsible for demonstrating proper job site safety procedures and conduct and following company, customer, and OSHA safety policies.
This is an opportunity for long term advancement to positions of greater responsibility such as Foreman after annual reviews and assessments have been completed and skills have been mastered.
Competently perform and complete work as directed by Crew Leader and Foreman, and focus on learning and mastering methods and techniques used to perform the following tasks:
• Able and willing to crawl and climb into casing and confined underground spaces to perform necessary excavation work
• Able and willing to climb up and down ladder into bore pit 
• Lining up materials and casing joints as they are flown into job sites
• Assisting with welding joints of casing and setting up torches and welding equipment.
•Competently using a bobcat to load spoils bucket
•Competently running a backhoe to move spoils as needed
•Rigging casing, auger and other equipment to be flown into or out of bore pit
•Loading and unloading of materials and equipment from trucks, trailers, and transports.
•Conduct start-up inspections of vehicles and equipment checking all mechanical assemblies, oil, fluids, lights, settings. 
•Safely operate equipment such as bobcats, jackhammers, skid steers, and various power tools.
•Safely drive company trucks and vehicles and hook up, tow, and back up trailers as needed
•Assist with unlocking/locking and security of all job site gates and company equipment.
•Ensure that tools and equipment are replaced to their proper locations after use.
•Perform all functions of a job without direct supervision. 
•Assist with vehicle upkeep at start and end of each shift including cleaning and refilling of water cooler.
• Drug Testing – Required
•Presents self in a clean and professional manner each day
•Sufficient strength and physical dexterity to perform duties and responsibilities of this job while exposed to Arizona’s inclement weather for long periods of time.
•Ability to lift 90 lbs minimum using proper lifting form
•Ability to possess a self-motivated, positive, proactive attitude on a consistent daily basis.

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